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Perfection is not about always succeeding; it is about being aware of your failures and successes, weaknesses and strengths and about you neutralising the former and growing the latter


"Blink" by M. Gladwell (Back Bay Books)

Finished reading "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell today.

A book on the powers of the unconscious and an examined look into how this unconcious can help or stop us from making good decisions. Gladwell at times can get a bit too technical for his readers (on a half of a page he went through several muscles of the face - in their latin forms which was promptly skipped over) but he makes up for it with more than a few very good examples that help explain his ideas.

Better than to give a summary of his findings it would be more to the point if I reiterated a sample of his examples:

Before purchasing a rare statue a museum in USA debated with themselves for a few years, collecting background information, licences and scientific experiments. After buying the statue they showed it to an expert who after 2 seconds said that it was fake. The expert was right.

An orchestra maestro auditioned candidates for trambone without seeing the candidate - only listening. After years of hiring only male trambonists (because of their "better performance" - so he says) suddenly he discovers that he is hiring women!

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