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Perfection is not about always succeeding; it is about being aware of your failures and successes, weaknesses and strengths and about you neutralising the former and growing the latter


"Getting the right things done" by P. Dennis (LEI)

I ordered this book off the LEI website with the view in mind to learn more about strategy deployment.

In a simple narrative the author goes through the motions of defining the 'True North' targets and deploying down the organisation. Many useful A3 templates to draw from (I already started to adopt the 'dashboard') as well as different yet complementary structures to problem solving (I think that the 'problem investigation form' can be plugged and played in the quality department).

The idea that a 'True North' should first be defined before the targets are deployed down the ranks seems to be a slight variation (if not identical if not for the semantics) of Drucker's MbO which makes it all the more powerful. Imagine that your front line managers are defining their own goals, there will not be much alignment as well as much sidetracking. This scenario is what MbO is designed to combat.

Overall a good read with many ideas you can plug and play in your operations.

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