Ode to the Sea

In mid September I had the chance to go to Korea for business. As usual I can't mention the scope of business but I can share what I did in my free time there!

I visited a town that lays by the coast to the south of the Korean Peninsula and there we took a brief respite from our travels. Having a walk by the sea brought back many memories from back home in Cyprus.

There is something very calming about hearing the waves crash and caress the coast line and about the smell of the salt and seaweed. I must have stood there (actually I was in a Chinese Crouch in my best suit) for a few minutes just staring into the sea. Of all the things that I thought about probably the best was the dream of after retirement I would take to the coastal waters with nothing but a boat, bottled water, fishing line and bait and a few crab snares.

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